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"It's been a gratifying experience working with Jerry and Connie. They eased the design process, making collaboration a pleasure. At the early stages, they patiently proposed a number of variations for each piece, helped me navigate through my many second thoughts, and then executed the work perfectly, using interesting specimens of native and available woods.

I'm proud of the unique pieces they created and enjoy showing them off to guests. I feel lucky to have discovered Connie and Jerry and will be using again!"

Richard McGuinness

  About Us and Wood of Oregon

We are Jerry Berg and Connie Ewing, husband and wife co-owners of Solid Design Woodworking.  We live in the woods of the coast range in western Oregon, where our woodshop is across the driveway from the small house we designed and built.
When we're not woodworking, an organic garden and fruit orchard keeps us busy.  Jerry's hobby is antique cars.  (See "Woody Wagons".)
Family, friends, community involvement, avid reading, and being outdoors are important to both of us.  So is protecting our environment.  That's why we use local woods, including salvaged and wind-downed trees to make fine furniture, picture frames, boxes and shelves.  We love to do custom work, giving our customers exactly what they desire.

Wood of Oregon

Many beautiful woods grow right here in Oregon, so we seldom see the need to use any imported materials.  White oak, black walnut, bigleaf maple, wild cherry, madrone, alder, Pacific yew, and Douglas fir all make beautiful, durable furniture.  We also enjoy working with chinquapin, a native nut tree related to the chestnut.  Chinquapin wood is colorful, light colored, and contrasts very well with black walnut.