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Custom Furniture

We enjoy building furniture that exactly fits the needs and desires of our customers.  Working from your drawing or ours, we'll give you a bid and a sketch.

We build beds and headboards, tables, dressers, entertainment cabinets, bookcases, desks, blanket chests, benches, and smaller items for your home or office. 

Custom work may seem a bit more expensive than factory-built furniture, but it is a good use of precious resources to use something that can be handed down for generations instead of ending up in a yard sale a few years later. 

We usually ask for a 1/3 down payment on custom work, with the balance due when the piece is completed.  Contact us with questions or ideas.

Bench - Port Orford Cedar
dresser 8
Eight drawer Dresser
Chinquapin with Black Walnut Handles
Detail of Eight Drawer Dresser
detail of dresser
Four drawer dresser with removable changing top
Detail of Four drawer dresser
music stand
stand detail
Yew Wood Music Stand
Music Stand Telescopes and Tilts


Revolving bookcase
Double Bed
kit cabinet
kitty cabinet
Kitty Cabinet
double cabinet
Double Cabinet
Twin bed with space below for slide out trundle bed (storage drawers are another popluar option)
Bed detail


Above is a bed and to the left are a (stand up) desk and shelf that Jerry and Connie made for us. As you can see, they do absolutely beautiful work.

As "webmaster" for their site, I'd like add a couple comments here, if I may...

Connie and Jerry are a total joy to work with. They listen very carefully as we design the pieces and are very patient as drawings are refined so they will create exactly what we want. For the twin bed (above), they recreated details and used black walnut (salvaged from a local road project) that matches an antique mahogany bookcase in the bedroom.

They check in as necessary, meet deadlines, and offer their work at a very fair price. And, speaking of price, similar (but NOT customized) desks were about the same price on the web.

We feel very good having solidly designed woodwork in our home, skillfully and lovingly created by people who we can look in the eye and say "Thank You!"

Tim Blood